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ArcGIS Student Version

UConn students have the opportunity to install ArcGIS Desktop on their personal computer.

All requests must come from a valid UConn email address.

To request a download access code, contact Rich Mrozinski.

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5.1 is the most recent version of the 1-year student license.

A tutorial about downloading, installing, and licensing ArcGIS 10.x can be found here.


There are several things you should know before using this software.

    • Do not call ESRI for software support.  They will direct you to Rich Mrozinski. So, contact Rich Mrozinski if you have problems.
    • The software runs on the Microsoft Windows platform.  It can run on a Mac that has a Parallels or VM Fusion partition running Windows.
    • If you have any other version of ArcGIS on your computer, it must be uninstalled before loading ArcGIS 10.
    • You must authorize the software and this will require starting an ESRI Global User Account. Please list University of Connecticut (no abbreviations) as your institution.


Updating your software:

ArcGIS 10.x:  Patches and Service Packs for ESRI products can be found at HERE.


Contact Rich Mrozinski for more information or to request software.


updated: 08-21-2017